Poet and researcher Dr. Parvez Mahjoor’s died at the age of 68

Pukhtun Nama Web News

Well-known Pashto writer, poet and researcher Dr. Parvez Mahjoor Khoshki passed away at the age of 68 on Sunday morning after a long illness.

Dr. Mahjoor was a resident of Nowshahr’s Khoshki village, who had a master’s degree in Pashto and Urdu from the University of Peshawar and then did a PhD on “Arzani Khoshki” poetry.

Dr was initially a poet, but later turned his attention to research, especially Sufism, which he has written and published in dozens of articles.

Parvez Mahjoor joined the Pashto Academy in Peshawar in 1988 as a Junior Research Officer and then served the Academy for 14 years as a Researcher and has more than 20 Ph.D. and M.Phil students.

Books published by Mahjoor Khushki include “Diwan of Shad Mohammad”, “Pashto Language” [book shared with Dr. Khayal Bukhari], “Editing, researching and editing of Ali Mohammad Mukhlis’s Diwan”, “Arzani Khushki’s Collections: Ph.D.” D article “,” Mirza Khan Ansari’s Diwan: Research and Correction “,” Rahman Art and Personality “Urdu book and some others.

Dr. Parvez Mahjoor founded the Pashto Literary Society in 1969 and also participated in the Arzani Adabi Jirga.

The family of Parvez Mahjoor’s said that his funeral would be held at 4 pm today at the Upper Khushki,s Cemetery in Nowshahra, where he would be buried in his ancestral graveyard.