Photo reveals Australian soldier drinking beer out of dead Taliban fighter’s prosthetic leg

The Guardian newspaper has published a picture of an Australian soldier sniffing at a prosthetic leg of taliban.

The media has covered the latest atrocities committed by Australian troops in Afghanistan and published a picture of an Australian soldier stabbing a Taliban in the leg.

According to the media, the artificial leg has been used several times by Aussies soldiers to drink beer, even by senior Australian soldiers.

The leg has since been put on display along with other equipment.

The newspaper also stated in its report that the leg is believed to have belonged to a suspected Taliban fighter killed during an SASR 2 squadron assault on two compounds and a tunnel complex at Kakarak in Uruzgan in April 2009.

Although Australian authorities in Afghanistan had claimed that the pictures showing in Guardian report is not real and called on the Newspaper to remove the article regarding the controversy