Peshawar:Aimal Wali Khan condemns murder in a court room

How can an ordinary person take the law into his own hands and kill anyone? The disturbing situation is that before the verdict of the case, another person announces the verdict and kills the accused. There should be an inquiry into how a person can carry a pistol inside the court.

Pukhtun Nama Desk News

ANP provincial president Aimal Wali Khan has strongly condemned the killing in a packed Peshawar court, saying Pakistan is a democratic country with law and constitution. How can an ordinary person take the law into his own hands and kill anyone? It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

In a statement issued from Bacha Khan Markaz Peshawar, ANP provincial president Aimal Wali Khan said that a very shocking and disturbing situation has been created that one person is being tried and the other person has given his verdict before a judge. Killed a accused in blasphemy case. Aimal Wali Khan said that there should also be an inquiry into the incident of how a person could enter the court with a pistol and the case should also be of a very sensitive nature. It seems that the rule of law is coming to an end and anarchy has been created in the country.

The ANP provincial president said such incidents were promoting religious fanaticism and extremism, which it was the responsibility of the state and government to stop. Taking the law into one’s own hands is likely to make matters worse. “Religious fanaticism and extremism are being fostered under a well-organized plan,” he said. Only by following the philosophy of non-violence can the life and property of every citizen be protected.

He said that such steps were being taken to discredit not only this country but also the holy religion like Islam all over the world. The world needs to ask on such occasions whether the accused in Islam does not even have the right to survive till his acquittal and court proceedings and any law can kill him. If such incidents are not stopped, Pakistan as well as Islam will be discredited all over the world.