Peshawar: Policemen for Muharram duty force to live under open sky

Pukhtun Nama

The pictures are of none other than the policemen who have been brought from Chitral and other districts to Peshawar for Muharram and forced to live in mosquito nets under the open sky.

See for yourself that there is no fan and no electricity. Police do not have enough space in the building to accommodate their police personnel.

“After the media reported that we are getting substandard food, the police officers made fake pictures saying that we are getting the right food but our condition is worse than the animals,” They said.

They continued that top police officers themselves are living in air-conditioned rooms, and police bungalows, but we have been left helpless under the open sky.

Accusing the SP headquarters, They said that the arrival of Muharram has become a silver lining for them who consume the food money of thousands of policemen daily but they get only poor food due to which they Forced to eat out of pocket.

They demanded that the matter should be handed over to an honest DIG to get to the bottom of it.