Peshawar police arrest’s Bashir Mastan on blasphemy charges

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Police in Peshawar have arrested Bashir Mastan, a resident of Charsadda’s Muftiabad area, who identified himself as a prophet in a recent video posted on social media.

A case of blasphemy has been registered against Bashir Mastan and police say they have launched an investigation.

Leading psychiatrist and researcher Dr. Mia Iftikhar Hussain says that such claims are usually made by mentally ill people and it is better to treat them with a knowledgeable doctor than to arrest or kill them.

A video of Bashir Mastan was recently posted on social media in which he asked the government to allow him to get married inside the government house.

Bashir Mastan Charsada nabawat ka dawa بشیر مستان آف چارسدہ نبوت کا دعویٰ

خیبر پختونخوا کے علاقے چارسدہ سے تعلق رکھنے والے بشیر مستان نامی شخص نے بھی نبوت کا دعویٰ کر دیا۔ پولیس نے بشیرمستان کو گرفتار کردیا ہے۔

Posted by Ej Axism on Tuesday, September 8, 2020

In the video, Bashir Mastan says, “I made a mistake in choosing a woman, which means she’s gone, she’s out, she’s gone four or five years later.”

According to Bashir Mastan, “father in law family tells me not to talk about it, so how can I stop talking? Someone from the government should come and tell my father in law to avoid stopping me from such talks.”

But he did not say what the family had asked him to do.

He said in the video, “The government should arrange another marriage for him, and a wonderful wedding that will show the greatness of God.”

Earlier in the video, he addressed himself as a prophet and said that his marriage should be celebrated in such a way that it would be visible to the whole world.

The video sparked strong reactions on social media, with many people threatening to kill Bashir Mastan.

Peshawar Inqilab Nanhy Police said they arrested him yesterday after leaking the video and produced him in court on Tuesday.

After the video of Bashir Mastan was posted on social media, they came to know that Bashir Mastan was in the Pahndu area of ​​Peshawar and the police arrested him last night.

Muharrar Jafar Khan added that a case has been registered against him under the blasphemy law on the petition of Tahsinullah Khan, the chief police officer of the station, and he was taken to court today.

Earlier, Tahir Naseem, an American-Pakistani national, was shot dead by Faisal, also known as Khalid, in a Peshawar district court on July 29 on charges of insulting religion.

Dr. Mia Iftikhar Hussain, a leading psychiatrist and researcher, says that it is a disease in which the patient says everything so that it seems real and does not care about the outcome.

Mr. Mia Iftikhar Hussain told that a few days ago he was taken to a patient who said, “I am Allah.”

But he says such patients need treatment instead of being arrested and killed because they don’t know what to say or do, is it right or wrong?

Dr. Iftikhar added that when ever in foreign countries such incidents occurs, the patient has been consulted to the doctor for a complete mental examination and then the court will judge his actions.

According to Mia Iftikhar Hussain, “Unfortunately, such patients are either killed before being shown to the doctor and brought to justice, or they are introduced to all the people under the name of Gustakh, who end up in a bad shape.”

Sources close to Bashir Mastan have told that he is associated with the Muftiabad area of ​​Charsadda but has been away for a long time, he was staying first in Mardan and now in Peshawar.

Sources also say that he is addicted to drugs and would often make such controversial remarks after taking drugs.