Peshawar: Inquiry Committee reveals KTH has a 1,000 cubic oxygen plant but no backup

Khyber Teaching Hospital(KTH) deaths case, 7 people including hospital director suspended

The Inquiry Committee revealed that the hospital has a 1,000 cubic oxygen plant but no backup.Primary and secondary arrangements are required as an alternative to oxygen in the hospital. According to the report, the contract with the oxygen supply company has expired. There are no documents related to the new contract available.

According to the supply manager, the telephone agreement with the company was extended until June 30, 2020.
At the time of the incident, 90 patients were being treated in the isolation ward of the hospital.

Seven people, including the hospital director, were immediately suspended on the issue of deaths due to lack of oxygen in Khyber Teaching Hospital. An investigation committee headed by Dr Nadeem Khawar prepared a preliminary inquiry report. The report found seven persons, including hospital director Tahir Nadeem, responsible and immediately suspended them.

The suspended officers include Fleetty Manager Tahir Shehzad, Supply Manager Ali Waqas and Biomedical Engineer Bilal Babak, Oxygen Plant Assistant Nemat, Oxygen Plant employees Waheed and Shehzad Akbar.

It may be recalled that six people died due to lack of oxygen in Khyber Teaching Hospital in Peshawar yesterday while some sources said that the death toll was more than ten. Later, the provincial health minister ordered an inquiry into the incident.