PESHAWAR: A family shifted to a safer place blamed with blasphemy

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police in Peshawar said a member of a family has been charged with insulting religion due to which they had moved five members of the family for their safety.

Police say more than 20 people in the Shaheen Town area of ​​Peshawar on Wednesday night had announced a person as Ahmadi and filed a blasphemy case against a member of his family.

A source told that the men were angry and planned to attack the suspects’ homes, but police arrived on the scene.

Police officials have not commented, but police sources say Imran Ali has filed a blasphemy case against Abdul Jameed.

The news surfaced in the days where a man accused of insulting religion, inside a court in Peshawar was shot dead in late July this year. A few days later, an Ahmadi man was killed in Peshawar by unknown assailants.

The Pakistan Human Rights Commission (PHRC) said in a report last week and showed concerned about the rise in blasphemy cases in Pakistan.

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