Patients of Coronavirus jumps up to 45 in District Mardan:President YDA

Riaz Khan

MARDAN: President of Young Doctor Association (YDA) Mardan chapter, Dr.Zia-ur-Rehman on Wednesday said that the numbers of coronavirus positive cases in Mardan has increased to 45. “We have no logistic support and other requirements for this outbreak”

Dr.Zia-ur-Rehman express these views in video message uploaded on social media.

He stated that so far 6 cases of coronavirus came positive however 39 more cases of coronavirus came positive.

He added that the numbers of positive cases of coronavirus increased to 45.

He said that 300 suspicious cases are in process in the district.

“If this outbreak continued in this speed in the district it will be difficult to control” he continued.

He arched that for this outbreak logistic support, personnel protective equipment and other equipment’s aren’t enough.

He added that if this outbreak continued in the district like this it will create great crises in the district.

further he said that only doctors, paramedics and other health staff cannot fight this battle alone because according to the World Health Organization (WHO) prediction if this situation continued it will creates a severe crises in Mardan district.

He added that the equipment support is very week with us.

He continued for preparation government need to take immediate actions and provide  beds, ventilators and personal protective kits in large numbers.

He added that till this time government had failed to provide facilities to fight against coronavirus.