Pakistan:Surge in Targeted Killings of Ahmadis; International human rights groups showed concerns

Omar Waranch, Amnesty International’s Asia director for Asia, said the killing of Ahmadis in Pakistan may be a threat to the Ahmadi minority in Pakistan. But like previous governments, the current government does not seem interested in arresting the killers of the slain Ahmadis.

The head of the legal and political department of the International Commission of Jurists, an international body of lawyers, has accused Pakistan of depriving the Ahmadi minority of their human rights in defiance of UN resolutions.

Human Rights Watch has called on Pakistan’s central and provincial governments to launch crack down on those who use social media for hate speech against Ahmadis.

International human rights organizations have reiterated their call on the Pakistani government to end discrimination on the basis of religion.

But the Pakistani government is defending the civil blasphemy law, and no government has been able to review the law, despite Supreme Court recommendations to prevent it from being misused.