Pakistan’s Higher Educational Institutions And Rising Extremism

By Junaid Ahmad

The events of the past in Pakistan’s universities have sparred a new debate in the heart and mind of every patriotic and peaceful citizen how to eliminate the atmosphere of increasing extremism, intolerance and violence day by day and how to eliminate the darkness of this extremism where the light of knowledge is spread.

It has come to a terrible time that when students coming out of high educational studies are inclined towards extremisms, medical university student Noreen laghari, who belonged to a well-educated family and was himself a talented student, but how did she turn to this extremism and get caught in the trap of Isis, but it is not only a little more, another student of a large educational institution in Karachi Saad aziz, who was the main role of Safara ( صفورا ) and Sabin mahmood murder, all these events the involvement of students of higher educational institutions is proof that the society’s conscious class is also turning towards extremism, sabotage and extremism, and now the terrorists who have targeted for brainwashing are students of universities or students of madrassas.

The question is how to prevent this extremism from spreading further, and how to treat the poison that has spread to society? Of course, every conscious Pakistani, including the government, will have to take serious steps to stop this educated extremism.

To promote tolerance and endurance at all levels in universities and educational courses, culture of dialogue and discussion should be promoted by contributing moral and social values to the curriculum.
In this regard, students have more responsibility than teachers and parents to keep their students informed from time to time about this abusive act and its consequences. Similarly, parents continue to train their children with physical development so that their innocent children do not become the instruments of enemy and religion.
Similarly, it is the responsibility of every conscious citizen of the society to perform this duty for his country and country and to root out this evil.

Author;Junaid Ahmad is a LLB student at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan you can reach him through