Pakistan to YouTube: Block vulgar and hate inciting videos

Pukhtun Nama Web News

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has asked the international YouTube channel to immediately ban obscene, immoral, hateful and other such obscene videos and speeches.

PTA said in a statement on Friday (August 28th) that it had made a formal request to the YouTube channel.

The Authority  continued, such videos have a detrimental effect on Pakistan and increase social instability.

Meanwhile, some social media activists and freedom of expression supporters have condemned the move. They say the agency needs to clarify what its purpose is in “immoral and abusive” videos.

A YouTube channel has not yet commented on Pakistan’s request, nor has Pakistan’s telecommunications agency said what action would be taken if YouTube did not block the videos.

Pakistan had earlier warned the Tek-Tok social network that it should filter out “immoral” videos.

The YouTube channel in Pakistan was shut down in 2012 after a video attributed to the Muslim prophet was released.

The Pakistani government is accused of restricting freedom of expression.

Last month, Pakistan’s Punjab province passed a bill banning writers and people who publish or distribute “malicious” material to Pakistan.

The governor of Punjab has not yet signed the law.