Pakistan & New Zealand: Two States two different approaches toward Extremism

Ziaullah Hamdard

A Muslim mosque was attacked in New Zealand. A young man who was taught anti-Muslim strip attacked a mosque, killed dozens of Muslims and injured hundreds.

When the state came to know about it, the Prime Minister immediately declared it an act of terrorism. She then went to the victims’ homes and offered condolences. She expressed regret that his safety was the responsibility of the state
and the state has failed in its duty.The people of the state also began to show sympathy for the Muslims. Christians went to the mosque and lined up behind Muslims, sending a message to the world that there was no place for riots, terrorism and religious hatred in New Zealand.

Jacinda Ardern PM Newzealand with Christchurch,  victims.

No one made him a conqueror, nor did any Christian organization call him a militant. There were no rallies in his favor and no one called him a hero of Christianity. The man is now on trial and the New Zealand media is showing the world that there is no room for terrorism in their country. It is expected that the court will punish the young man severely according to the laws there.

Khalid killer of an Ahmadi american citizen in peshawar court. Read this also

There were no signs of depression on the young man’s face during the hearing, but police did not take a selfie with him. No one posted a DP of his picture on social media, they did not try to save this young man and the state and the people are trying their best to bring justice to the Muslims.

Killer file photo (Christchurch mosque attack)

Excluding the places of worship of Christians, Hindus and Ahmadis in Pakistan, there were attacks on mosques, suicide attacks on Shia shrines, attacks on mourning processions, People were blown away during Friday prayers, terrorists and sectarian organizations accepted responsibility and even today the people are being held hostage by the same sectarian clerics. While the state parliament and politicians are patronizing those who incite religious hatred despite passing bills like FATF.

The day when we show seriousness toward extremism like New Zealand from that onward Pakistan will become the safest country for Muslims and minorities, and New Zealanders will turn to Pakistan, as Pakistani students are rushing away towards New Zealand, Australia and Canada.Remember, this country will not fix by the United States, Canada or New Zealand, but to make it a cradle of peace, we must all work for its peace and unity and any kind of extremism, like New Zealand, must be condemned.Otherwise, this country could become a hell for 200 million people and the fire can blow off at any time. Which had already devastated many states in the Middle East!

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