Pakistan-Iran train service suspended, after rains damage track

CHAGAI: The train service between Pakistan and Iran has been suspended due to major damage to the railway track caused by the rainfall and flooding in Balochistan.

Railway officials based in Balochistan have said that recent rains and floodwater have damaged the railway track from Noshki to Taftan border.

According to department officials routine operation had been suspended since January 06. It was partially restored after three days, but suspended again the next day as most parts of Noshki and Chagai districts received heavy rainfall.

The railway sources said that the floodwater had swept away lower parts of the railway track, making it vulnerable to derailment.

According to railway officials repair work has began on the damaged parts of the railway track, but it would take at least over one week to restore the routine train service due to unavailability of required machinery and lack of repair staff.

It is to be mentioned here that Pakistan-Iran RCD Highway was also damaged in rains and could not repaired to restore the traffic on the road.

courtesy INP.