On international day of democracy Parliament Attempt serious joke with Democracy

Mazhar Azad

Let’s tell you another national joke that on international day of democracy a bill was presented in National Assembly of Pakistan demanding jail sentence of 2 years or fine of 5 lac Rupees for mocking or defaming Pakistan Army on social media.

Bill Copy

Just another day in PTI’s fascist Pakistan. Question remains: How would they establish that a social media post falls under mockery of them? It would certainly be used to twist the arm of free speech ad to hinder all criticism on the the oppressive regime and specially the Army. We have already seen it’s example where FIRs were lodged against social media activists and journalists. A prime example is FIR against our comrade Ihtesham Afghan.

The constitutional right of a citizen to free expression is hitting the unprecedented rock bottom in this draconian Imranian regime which is actually the Bajwa regime. The country and its citizens surely cannot see times worse than this. This regime makes Zia look better, an unprecedented honor. Just to let you know that you’re guilty of a cardinal historical sin if you’ve voted for these morons or if you still support this shit. I am saying again I don’t see any future if this country is been run like this.

Written by Mazhar Azad you can reached him with Psymazhar@yahoo.com