Nawaz Sharif Says No PML-N Leader To Hold Secret Meetings With Military In Future

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has given a clear message to all the leadership of his party that no member of will meet secretly with the leadership of the army or agencies but with the approval of the party leadership if necessary for national defense and constitutional requirements. Every meeting will be announced.

Nawaz Sharif, who recently created an account on Twitter, tweeted that recent events prove once again how some meetings are hidden behind seven curtains and how some are advertised and given meaning.

He continued in his tweet This game should be stop now. Today, I am instructing my party not to meet with Army Generals , the direction would be apply on any member of our party at the individual, party or personal level in the future to remind the requirements of the Constitution of Pakistan and the Armed Forces to abide by their oath.

“If necessary for national defense and constitutional requirements, every such meeting will be declared with the approval of the party leadership and will not be kept secret”. He added

It may be recalled that for the past few days, news of pre-APC meetings between the army and opposition leaders has been making headlines on social media and traditional media.

On Wednesday evening, the DG ISPR also confirmed the news that former Sindh Governor and PML-N leader Zubair Umar had met the Army Chief and in which the Army Chief had given him a clear message that legal Matters will be decided in the courts and political matters in Parliament.

Zubair Umar had said that he had met General Bajwa in person and there was no talk of relief.

Speaking on Asma Shirazi’s program, He told that he had some recommendations regarding the economy which he shared with Army Chief and there was no role of Maryam Nawaz or Nawaz Sharif in it.