Nawaz Sharif’s arrival on Twitter: First tweet and reaction

PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif created an account on social networking site Twitter on Saturday evening and tweeted.

The tweet contains a line that is actually his party’s slogan, “Respect the vote.”

Remember that Nawaz Sharif is currently based in London.

The Islamabad High Court has recently issued a non-bailable arrest warrant for former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who was convicted in the Azizia Steel Mills reference.

The court also rejected Nawaz Sharif’s plea for exemption from attendance on the appeal filed by him against his sentence in the Azizia Steel Mills reference.

Following the issuance of a non-bailable arrest warrant, if a person does not appear on the date fixed by the court, a permanent non-bailable warrant is issued and proceedings are instituted for declaring him a fugitive.
Nawaz Sharif’s appeal against the decision of Azizia Steel Mills will now be heard on September 22 in which the authorities will present a report on the implementation of court orders.
A day before the appeal hearing, he will address the All Parties Conference via video link, while on Saturday evening he created a Twitter account, which was reported by his daughter Maryam Nawaz in a tweet.

With the arrival of Nawaz Sharif on Twitter, the number of his followers has increased to more than 84,000 and there is a top trend on Twitter in Pakistan. Twitter welcomes Nawaz Sharif.

Mixed messages and reactions are emerging in response to his retweet on Twitter. Thousands of people retweeted the same sentence. In total, it has been lit 11,000 times.

The number of Nawaz Sharif’s followers has exceeded 67,000.

While many people are welcoming him, there are also many who are criticizing him for going out and not coming back. In addition, allegations of corruption against him are included in the response.

Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, affiliated to Nawaz Sharif’s party, welcomed him in these words. I love you dear leader.

However, a user named Hira said in his message that the people respect the vote but the politicians make it useless. He criticized the absence of MPs on the passage of the FATF bill.

A Twitter user named Amjad Malik welcomed Nawaz Sharif and wrote that one day the leader and the people have to come together.

Nawaz Sharif was also welcomed on a Twitter account called Sayani Kudi.

Journalist Matiullah, in response to Nawaz Sharif’s tweet, asked him a question that how much respect should be given to Mian Sahib who disappears from the session of Parliament during the legislature with his vote?

Senior journalist Imtiaz Alam wrote in his message that he welcomed the re-activation.

It may be recalled that Nawaz Sharif is currently residing in London and will attend the All Parties Conference of Opposition Parties today through a virtual link at the invitation of the PPP.