Mardan Super League pulls crowd

Mohammad Riaz Mayar

MARDAN: The Mardan Super League (MSL) event is continued at Mardan sports in full swing six teams are participating in the super league event.
Fifteen matches will be played in the event while six matches were played so far. The event will promote cricket in the district and will also bring talented players to the limelight.

Tafuil Khan Chairman of the organizing committee of the MSL told the News, He added that the MSL event has begun from 15 January.

He continued that six teams including Hoti Mardan Zalmi, Takhtbhai Baatoran, Katlang Pukhtoon, Rustam Nangyali, Toru Bahadaran and Bagh-e-Aram Baryali are participating in the MSL event. He added that six matches of the event were played so far. He added that Katlang Pukhtoon played  2 Match Win 1, Bagh e irum Baryali played 2 Matches and loose both matches, Takhtbhai Batooran played 2 Matches and loose both, Rustam Nangyali played 2 and win both, Toru Bahadaran played 2 Matchs and win both and Hoti Mardan Zalmi played 2matchs.

He added that 9 matches of the event is remaining.

He said that after the first round four winning teams will play two semifinal. He added that in the third round the winner of the semifinal will play the final match.

Tufail Khan continued that Mardan has contributed several players to Pakistan cricket team.

He arched that this event will promote cricket in the district.

Tufail Khan stated that man of the match and best performer of the match in losing team is awarded Rs20, 000 cash prize while at the end of the league, Rs500, 000 cash will be given to the winning team, 3 bikes for man of the series, batting, bowling and fielding and gifts for the crowds and families daily.

Tafial Khan said that the masses of Mardan are giving keen interest in the MSL event and large numbers of people are gather at ground to watch the MSL matches.

He thanked the masses of Mardan for supporting the MSL event.