Mudassir Ilyas Khattak
Since 1947 three generation had tuaght in schools that Hindu are the enemy of Muslims.
Our curriculam leads us toward extreamism as well as public grew with no respects for other religions.
However In Pakistan the citizen are disturbed moreover confused due to some of views or ideologies,which is agianst Hindus.
Religion is not contradicts other religions but preacher and followeres.
Eventually Our young ones brought up with a grievance to kill hindus and this bitterness gets stronger with the literature thought to them in a minor age.
he/she knows all the thing related to ghazal e hind,On the otherhand they think that India will be no more on map of world.
Pakistani citizen are victim of False and sweet propaganda.The mind set of maximum of Pakistani is that someone is against of your ideologies so he/she is not on the right path.