Masses of Mardan appeals for coronavirus testing laboratory in the district

Riaz Khan

MARDAN: The masses of Mardan district asked the provincial government to establish coronavirus testing laboratory in the district and also release more funds because Rs 100 million funds isn’t enough for the badly effected district from coronavirus.

It may be noted that government has established corona testing laboratory in other district of the province while ignored Mardan district.

A senior doctors on the condition of anonymity said that Mardan district is badly affected from coronavirus and we are facing hurdles in testing process.

He stated that it is need of the current situation of the district that government should establish corona testing laboratory at Mardan district.

He argued that the testing laboratory in Mardan is very necessary.

He added that we send sample to Khyber Medical University (KMU) and National Institute of Health (NIH) which wastes a lot of time. He added that due to this reason the process of testing is very slow and several cases in pending. 

He continued that the government has imposed ban on sharing data about coronavirus and is strictly keeping it in secret.

“In my personal opinion  virus has spread in the district and the whole district need screening”, he added 

further he said  that for this aim government should established corona testing laboratory in Mardan district.

He added that it is the battle of life and death of the masses of Mardan which are more affected from the virus.

He stated  that if anyone will take coronavirus light in the district it will be great cruelty with the masses of Mardan district.

The residence of different parts of the district said that the provincial government, district administration and other welfare organizations giving priority and focus to Manga union council in the distribution of relief package on other facilities which is good step but they ignored other parts of the district.

They added that people of other parts of the district also face the same situation which are facing Manga union council residence.

Residence of different areas locate on Charsadda road near Manga union council appealed the district administration to conducted disinfection spray in their areas.

Residents complaint that district administration did’t conduct disinfection spry in their areas so far.

They argued that majority of the residents of Manga union council visited their areas before the lockdown and during the lockdown that’s why it is necessary that disinfection spry should be conduct in these areas and the district administration also focus and attention to these areas. 

They continued that on the directives of government and district administration they are staying at homes, maintain cleanliness and avoid crown places and public contacts however it is also the responsibility of government and district administration to provide them facilities.