Mardan to extend smart lockdown in four more areas

Riaz Khan

MARDAN: The administration extended lock down to four more areas for ten days in the district due to corona virus spread.

The numbers of locked down areas reached to nine in the district, according to a notification issued by Deputy Commissioner (DC)

Four more areas has placed under complete lockdown.

Sheikh Maltoon Chowk Mardan


The areas which will observe  complete lockdown are Sector B, Sector G Sheikh Maltoon Town a posh area of the city while Mohallah Seno, Dewankhel, Shahbatkhel at union council Lundkhwar-2 at tehsil Takhatbhai.

Lund khwar ANP office

The notification stated that a total of 10,185 people will be affected due to the lockdown in these areas and 1,505 houses came under the lockdown at Lundkhwar union council-2 and Sheikh Maltoon Town sector B and G.

255 people has been kept on home isolation in these areas.

Numbers of cases at union council Lundkhwar are 15 and eight active cases while one patient died due to corona virus while at SMT sector B and G total cases are 25 and eighteen active cases while one person died due to corona virus.

The notification said that  these areas will be closed for entry and exit during lockdown.

Lockdown was imposed due to the high cases of corona virus observed in those areas.

Only groceries, medicine, general stores, ovens and emergency service stores will remain open in these areas.

Violators of the declaration will be prosecuted under sections 17 and 18 of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Epidemic Control and Emergency Relief Ordinance or section 33 of National Disaster Management Authority Act. 

It may be noted that in the meeting of  National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC)  20 cities across Pakistan was identified more affected of Covid-19 Mardan was also included in the list.

Later on 16th June the district administration sealed five areas in the district including Sector A. Sheikh Maltoon Town (SMT), Janabad near Dwasaro chowk, Bijlighar near Dwasaroo chowk, Daman Koh at tehsil Takhatbhai and Katlan bazzar.

According to the statistics issued by deputy commissioner office the number of the confirmed corona virus patients stood at 994 in the district. 

As many as 3,795 tests were conducted so far while 2,681 had tested negative.

480 people recovered from Covid-19 And 50 patients  died due to  corona virus while 120 tests are awaiting.

According to the statistics 43,492 people were screened so far while 44 patients are at different isolation centers.

It may be noted that the present alarming situation demanded that the movement of people in bazaars should be restricted, mask-wearing made mandatory and social distancing observed strictly.