People criticize professor for brandishing pistol

Mohammad Riaz Mayar

MARDAN: Hundreds of students from Government post graduate college Mardan staged protest rally at Bacha Khan chowk against the attitude of a college professor.

The rally was organized by Mutahida Talba Mahaz a joint union of Pakhtun Student’s Federation, People’s Student Federation, Muslim Student’s Federation, JIT, ISF, IJT student’s federations of the college.

Rally was led by Mohammad Abbas Khan president Mutahida Talba Mahaz, Vice president Shabir Khan, general secretary Shehzad Khan and other office bearers and students leaders.

Addressing the protest rally the speaker said that professor Jalil is performing duty at main gate of the college and the mentioned professor allegedly tease and disgrace the students and other guest when they entering the college at main gate.

They accused the mentioned professor is holding pistol in his hand and threating the students and guests.

Speaker demanded the provincial government and district administration to take action in this connection and stopped the bullying of the professor in the college.