Manzoor Pashteen Bannu speech

Pakistan Constitution isn’t based on equality of nations or respect for Human rights.

It neither represents our well, nor fulfill our needs. It is based on permanent rule of a majority over minorities.

Yet we seek its protection, seeks protection of the Constitution, but the entire legal system – from police to prosecution to courts to jails – has been & continues to be used against us as an instrument of oppression Unfortunately, our interests are inevitably in clash with those of Pakistan Military Generals.

We stand by, and will struggle for, protecting the interest of our people even at risk of being called traitors.

It is a badge of honor for us. New alliances between the military & ‘good’ Taliban are emerging in Waziristan.

Targeted assessinations are being carried out by latter under patronage of former.

We want an end to this unholy & bloody nexus.

we are aware that Pakistan Military plan to impose yet another proxy war on Pashtuns in the event of US-Iran conflict. But this time, we wont sacrifice our lands & blood alter of new wars. Enough is enough we want peace.

Military operations in Pashtun lands weren’t against terrorists but for soul purpose of conquering our people & lands, & dispossessing us of our minerals & businesses. State (Punjab) is depriving minority nations of what belongs to them by the law of nature.

we want formation of Truth & Reconciliation Commission to account for commission of war crimes & gross Human rights violations against our people by state & (state supported) non-state actors, & to bring closure to the victims of war. By planting thousands of land mines, Pakistan Military has turned the entire tribal belt into a killing field, We are dying & getting injured every day.

we want  grand Jirga of Pushtoon political leaders for the sack of the unity of Pushtoon Nation

We demand clearing our area of these land mines. challenges us last year to hold demo, we held a mammoth demo. 6 months ago DGISPR said ‘your time is up’ followed by ruthless state oppression against us & here we are, once again. You can’t silence us We will keep on demanding justice.