Locals neglected in Safeer Baldiyat Project: Moot

Jamal Safi
PESHAWAR: President Fata Student Federation (FST) Jasim Afridi Thursday urged that provincial government and local government department to remove non-locals employees from a project initiated by an international donor in merged districts to create awareness among tribesmen regarding upcoming local body polls.
Jasim along with FST General Secretary Zahid shah and central representative Muhammad Akbar were speaking at a press conference at Peshawar Press club and said that  in
Youth Ambassador under the United Nation Development Programme UNDP project known as ‘‘Safeer Baldiat Project’’ some influential have underestimated the local aspirants of erstwhile Fata and have chosen candidates from Charsadda, Mardan and other districts.
He revealed that about 70 per cent staff of the project are non-locals and they have been selected on basis of nepotism and favoritism instead of prioritizing tribesmen, adding that dozens of candidates have been recruited out of the stations which is clear violation and contradiction of the federal and provincial governments’ promises to hire local tribal in different projects.
He rejected the government’s claim that 90 per cent local for the project and demanded a probe into project.
He states further that the project has been announced on social media but unfortunately tribal areas have been deprived from 3G,4G internet service that is why the youth were unaware of projects announcement.
He also condemned  the halting of  scholarship for Erstwhile-FATA students.