Let’s unfold Yousafzaiii !

Hinna Yousafzai

Yousafzai tribe which is one of the most powerful, famous & respected tribe of Pashtuns.

Colonel Wylly, Harold Carmichael, 1858–1932, has described these great people in just one sentence, leaving no space for further descriptions & definitions.

“ The Yousafzai is an agriculturist, generally fine, well-limbed man, of a good physique & appearance with great deal of race-pride, well dressed & cheery, while his hospitality is proverbial. ”

A horseman from Yousafzai Tribe during a war with Mughals

Let me take you back to the chronicles of yousafzai.

The Yousafzai originated in the Kandahar area of Afghanistan, & migrated to the Kabul area later on. In the early 16th century, the Yousafzai were barred from Kabul by Governor Ulugh Beg Mirza, who was a paternal uncle of the Mughal Emperor Babur.
Then the Yousafzai moved eastwards to the Peshawar, all which had already been colonized by other tribes of the Afghans previously, most notably the Dilazaks from whom the Yousafzai sought help.
The first Mughal Emperor Babur attacked the Yousafzai multiple times but was defeated every time.

Meanwhile in the 16th century, the association between the Yousafzai & the Dilazaks collapsed and a long war ensued. After 20 years, under their leader Malik Ahmed Khan, the Yusufzai along with some other tribes (including the Gadoons, and the Utmanzai, a cousin tribe of the Dilazaks), were able to push the Dilazaks eastwards towards the Hazara mountains east of the Indus River, at the battle of Katlang.

Yousafzai tribe leader Malik Ahmed Khan

Eventually the Yousafzai ensconced in Swat, Buner, Mardan, Dir, Malakand, Tor Ghar, Shangla & Swabi.

In the 20th century, the Yousafzai established their own princely state of Swat under their religious leaders known as Akhund of Swat. The state lasted in 1969, and encompassed the present day Swat.

Importantly, being a proud descendant of Malik Ahmad khan Yousafzai, can”t find words in his larger picture.

A Pakhtun national hero, the leader of the Yousafzai tribe & the founder of Pakhtunkhwa courageously infringed the ferocity of several antagonists. His remarkable services & reputable kindness must be consistently recall in a respectable way.

The fact of the matter is, the bravery of pakhtuns is still testing back and forth between swat (Malakand) & Waziristan.
Though FATA is significantly merged in kp, but people of that area are abandon by government.

Will these unmanageable ‘chaos’ remains unmanageable?

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