Lecturer selling soup on Takkar Road Takht-e-Bhai

Time is of the essence and the people who value and use it wisely have not failed in life.

Among them is Khalid Khan, 28, a lecturer at Takht-e-Bhai Polytechnic College, who also sells Chicken soup on Takkar Road in his home town,Khalid Khan says every  moment of life is precious
Khan is from Mela Ground takht bhai, from where he travels every day 3 Km far to Takht-e-Bhai polytechnic college with changing two cheng che,s  to teach survey basic, ” I started to sell soup bcz i don’t wanna to spare my free time”.He added
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Lecturer Khalid Khan’s idea does not deter him from other educated people across the area.
He says that after taking classes in college, he spends his time free on the Takkar Road Takht-i-Bhai on his soup stall,”often his students came to him and get motivated from his work”.He added.

One of Khalid,s soup regular customer and student of him Jawad Akbar says that our teacher is an example for someone who is educated but does not know how to earn money.

There is no doubt that time waits for no one but teacher at the Polytechnic College is trying to control the straps of time with his own hands And wants to travel this time according to demands and needs