Mudassir Ilyas Khattak
Urdu is the medium or language of communication,among the citizen of Pakistan.Through urdu we can communicate as well as connect to the public who are unable to understand the mother tongue of individual.
Most of Pakistani accepts Urdu as National language a part from Nation is defined as mass of public united by language,history,and culture living in a particular territory.
Moreover Pakhton express Pashto,while Punjabi vocalized Punjabi on the otherside Bloch speaks Balochi likewise sindhi is the national langauge of sindh.
In addition simply to build undrrstanding with national langauge in a easy way the mother tongue is the native language of Men.Other spoken words is just for communication.
The  citizens of Pakistan forgot their culture,history,and tongue behind the curtain of communication langaugae i.e urdu.
English is an official language of Pakistan,in all walk of life english is mandatory,in Pakistan eligibility of a person depends on english.Question arises here that if national langauge is urdu so why its not offical langauge.