Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Need Further Reforms?

Riaz Khan

Among the institutions with which the people of our province have the most contact is the police department. This institution is often associated with the oppressed and those seeking justice.

By the way, due to the customs and culture of our province, the police of our province was considered better than the police of other provinces of the country. But since the PTI government came to power in the province, they have started reforming the police.

The PTI government is also taking credit for improving and reforming the police. The PTI government’s police reform benefits the poor people in police station. This is a basic question that is in the minds of most of the people. Despite the reforms in the police, the poor and oppressed people are still afraid to go to the police stations. The main reason is this that the same old culture is still prevalent in the police stations of our province.

The incident of Amir Tehkal also happened due to the fact that there are many flaws in the reforms being carried out in the police. It is fact that poor people are not benefiting in police stations. There is a need for further reform in the police to address the shortcomings in the reforms that have been made.

Apart from the incident of Amir Tehkal, there are many incidents of policing in this province which go unreported. Last Ramadan, the in-charge of Fazal-ul-Haq College police post of Saddar police station in Mardan tortured and tied up a poor laborer to a tree in the blessed month of Ramadan on the complaint of a person.

Later on the victim submitted an application at the district police office and police started inquiry against the Incharge of the police post. Later on the mentioned police post incharge started pressurizing the victim and forced him to withdraw his application. Now the poor man agreed not to clash with the police and due to fear of the police the victim agreed and withdraws his application. 

However, the post in-charge was not transferred and no action was taken against him. Now it was the responsibility of the police officers to take departmental action after the consent of the poor man.

If an influential person files a complaint against a poor person at the police station, the police will bring all his family members to the police station in the night. Few days ago some people of Takhatbhai submitted an application at Sheikh Milton Town police station house officer (SHO) against a boy from Mohabbatabad. Now the police reached his house at 11 pm in the night and brought the boy along with his father, uncle and brothers. They were insulted in front of applicant. Later it was disclosed that there was a money dispute between them and few days before the elders had resolved the issue. 

A driver of a water sanitation company lodged a complaint with the police against a member of the Mardan Press Club. Later on Hoti police station officials called the member of the Mardan Press Club to the police station and kept him in illegal custody for four or five hours. Now, many such incidents happen daily with the poor people in police stations.  In order to reduce these incidents, it is necessary that strict departmental action should be taken against those policemen who misuse their powers.

It is fact that if in police station the police official’s abuse, tortured a poor person the police officials agreed the victim and due to this the official save himself from accountability and inquiry.