Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly has passed a resolution to prevent fake marriages with Chitral’s girls

Nek Amal Utmani

CHITRAL: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly has passed a resolution to curb fake marriages with Chitral’s girls.
The resolution states that anyone wishing to marry a girl in Chitral will share his personal information with the Chitral Police, along with their certificate of good conduct and the guarantee of reputable people in their area. The Chitral police will then evaluate the information with the local police and after verification, they will get married to Chitral’s girls.

Minority Representative in the Provincial Assembly and Adviser to the Chief Minister on Minority Affairs, Wazirzada presented the resolution in the Provincial Assembly and the agreement was passed by majority.

Mr. Wazirzada says “most of the people of the other districts benefiting from the poverty and simplicity of the people of Chitral and getting married with Chitrali girls in consideration of money. Even though 80% of marriages are done in good faith but most of the marriages are fake. So there has been a lot of oppression and violent cases against Chitral girls who got married in other districts.

Wazir Zada said that after the resolution passed, the local police would investigate such information-seeking marriage and that no one would be able to marry Chitrali girls in such a false and time-consuming manner.
“The point is, if someone wants to get married there, he’ll meet some of the essentials, and whoever comes there to spend time by getting married with Chitral girls, so we’ve completely blocked the way for him if someone did the same “It will simply come to our notice.

Wazir Zada said an association had previously worked in Chitral to prevent such fake marriages, but this was done at an unofficial level. Now the police and the district administration will investigate the issue of such marriage aspirants and the protection of girls’ lives and rights will be further ensured.

Manzoor Ali, a journalist working in Peshawar, who is from Chitral, said that the issue of fake marriages was a long-standing one among the people and a large number of girls’ lives were ruined with fake marriages. He says, he hopes that after the resolution the police will protect girls from such marriages.

“Earlier, the Chitral district assembly had passed such an agreement and since then a disk has been set up in the Chitral police line and it is also doing the verification of such issues, but after passing the resolution from Provincial Assembly more power will be added to it.

Ayesha Bano, a member of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly and a lawyer, also said that it was a good thing that such an agreement had been approved by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly. She says that the resolution will also prevent crimes such as smuggling inside the country of Chitral’s girls.

She further added “Human trafficking is also taking place in our country, especially in the Chitral region. There are frequent complaints that people are getting married there under the pretext of marriage. Poverty in Chitral is causing such a situation of danger”.

Before Wazirzada’s appointment, people from other provinces and districts often went to Chitral to marry girls, and most of the marriages were fake, temporary, and for the time being.

Older people and even the mentally ill are married to Chitral girls and often after such marriages, Chitrali girls are victims of domestic violence, but Wazirzada says, now there will be no one can have false or fake marriages with Chitral girls because of the marriage investigation of Police.

Story by Nak Amal Utmani Malakand based journalist you can reach him