Khalilzad: Ashraf Ghani vows to defeat Taliban in six months

NEW YORK, Oct 28 (Pukhtun Nama): Zalmay Khalilzad, the senior U.S. official who led the negotiations with the Taliban, says that when the United States decided to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani told him, “Now I am free to fight in the Afghan way.  “I will defeat the Taliban in six months because you did not fight properly.”

Zalmai Khalilzad, the outgoing Afghan peace envoy, says the United States wanted an interim government in Afghanistan acceptable to both sides, but Ashraf Ghani made an accounting mistake.

“We were all surprised by the intransigence of President Ghani in insisting on staying in power till his term ended, despite the fact that he had come out re-elected in a fraudulent election that very few Afghans participated in,” Khalilzad said Wednesday during a webinar organized by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a Washington think tank.

He acknowledged for the first time publicly that the U.S. had discouraged Afghans from holding the presidential elections that led to Ghani’s winning a second term in office. Instead, Khalilzad said, the U.S. wanted to establish an interim setup that was acceptable to both sides while Afghan politicians and civil society negotiated a political settlement with the Taliban.

According to Zalmai Khalilzad, Ashraf Ghani’s calculating error was that he did not believe that the United States would move out of an area where he had close physical access to US military and intelligence for key strategic countries such as China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan.  The governor pays.

He also said that Ashraf Ghani had been re-elected in a fraudulent election and that very few Afghans had participated in the election, despite his insistence on co-ordinating the end of his term.  Showed, it had surprised everyone.

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has not yet commented on Khalilzad’s remarks, but before the peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government began, many Ghani government officials accused Khalilzad of being too much for the Taliban.  Gives concessions.

The Taliban captured Kabul on August 9 and have since announced their government in Afghanistan, after which various analysts and the media criticized Zalmai Khalilzad for claiming that the Taliban had come to power as a result of his ill-conceived agreements and decisions.

Yesterday, Peshawar-based international relations expert Professor Ijaz Khattak told VOA Dewa in an interview that the US was putting undue pressure on Ashraf Ghani’s government and that was why the Taliban had accepted everything they said.

“I think the Ashraf Ghani government was under more pressure than necessary. It should have been less. It should have helped the Ashraf Ghani government.  By forcing her to accept it, the Taliban became more courageous and Ashraf Ghani’s government and they became weaker. “