Karachi Debacle in Consitutional lens !!

Hinna Tahir

Karachi is under flood. Every year monsoon hit it hard. People are suffering from many years. Their lives are in threat. Business grappling yearly with aftermath of flooding. Prolong power outages, ATMs out of cash, fuel pumps dry & telecom service down. In all such bad circumstances, common men lives are miserable in the city.

Although karachi is the economic backbone of the country but it is managed with constitutional loopholes.
At present, the cost of political tug of war is lethal and incurable. The Zero response of government (either PPP or PTI) manifests that it is more an attempt to holding on their status quo.
Moreover, 18th amendment plays a vital role in these chaos. To know the genesis of mini Pakistan’s catastrophes one have to understand few essentials of consitution.

The crucial issues of the city which are water crisis, sanitation, outdated transport system, illegal settlement, & big encroachments are all the subjects come under the domain of provinces after 18th Amendment.

However, constitution further provides solution in the shape of refined Local Govt, but Power Elite is reluctant to devolve power to LG.

Resultantly, the province isn’t ready to take responsibility, so the Centre is provided a room to snatch its authority to undo 18th Amendment.

Concluding with a recommendation that centralisation of a city might create more disarray and confusion. Therefore, Local government is the basic solution if it is precisely execute for public cause.

Author of this article Hinna Tahir Graduated in (major finance) you can reach her https://twitter.com/hinnaYousafxaii?s=12