Judicial Commission’s investigation report on the Peshawar school attack has been submitted in Supreme Court

Pukhtun Nama Desk News

The Peshawar High Court-appointed Judicial Commission has reported to the Supreme Court on the investigation into the Peshawar school attack. The commission was set up in 2018.

A school in Peshawar was attacked by the Pakistani Taliban in 2014, killing up to 150 people, mostly schoolchildren.

In 2018, the then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Mia Saqib Nisar, took notice of the incident in April during a hearing in the Peshawar High Court. Several parents entered his room in protest.

Then in May he called for a judicial commission to investigate the attack, but in October he formally ordered a commission to be set up.

A one-member commission has been constituted by Peshawar High Court Justice Mohammad Ibrahim and the Supreme Court has asked for an investigation report within six weeks.

Advocate Fazal Khan, the father of a child killed in a terrorist attack on a school in Peshawar, said the report was filed in the Supreme Court on Thursday, which was later delayed.

He told Pukhtun Nama  that it took more than two years to complete the report, instead of six weeks, and that the commission’s investigation was due to be completed on June 3. It was done, but it was done a month later, without hesitation,He concerned that it maybe fabricated

Fazal Khan said the report should be made public and the public should know everything about it. Now, the judiciary will be responsible for it and will direct the government to take legal action against those people. They do not believe that this will happen because, according to him, the reports of commissions or committees in Pakistan have never been made public.

The parents of the slain children, said their plea was heard four years later, adding that if they were not satisfied with the commission, the case would be follow through United Nations.

Ahead of the Dawn report, Inamullah Khan, a spokesman for the commission, told reporters that the commission’s audit report was about 3,000 pages long and included statements and documents from concern people.

He said the commission had recorded the statements of 132 people, including 31 police and military officers, who were eyewitnesses to the incident and the parents of the dead children.

The commission is said to have recorded the statements of Peshawar Home Commander Lt. Gen. Hidayat-ur-Rehman, Brigadier Mudassar Azam, head of the Army-run educational institutions, and other senior military and police officials.

Commenting on the release of the report, journalist Wasim Ahmad Shah said it would be difficult to say whether the Supreme Court would release the report or not, but the difference between this commission and other commissions is that the commission is formed by the government. The commission had set up by the court itself.

He said the commission’s report should be made public and the people should know who was responsible for the incident, who did not provide security and the terrorists had succeeded in attacking the school.