Janda Tablighi Markaz turns to quarantine,”three out of 172 foreigners hit by coronavirus in Mardan Markaz”,Deputy Commissioner

Riaz Khan

MARDAN: Deputy Commissioner, Mohammad Abid Wazir said that 172 foreigners Tablighi is present at Janda Tablighi Markaz District Mardan quarantine center and coronavirus test of three foreign Tablighi came positive.

“In the current time 81 suspected of coronavirus is in isolation while 67 is at quarantine center”, he added.

He express these views while addressing to a news conference at his office on Monday.

Abid Wazir added that 376 test of suspected of coronavirus was send to Khyber Medical University (KMU) and National Institute of Health (NIH).

He stated that however the results 185 suspected received while 191 is pending.

Deputy Commissioner added that on 18th March the first result of a patients named Saadat Khan resident of Manga union council came positive and later on he died.

He continued soon after the death of Saadat Khan Manga union council was sealed.

He arched that Saadat Khan came back from Umra on 9th March.

He added that after his arrival to his village he arranged lunch for more than 1,500 people of the area.

further he said that during these ten day he also meet several people.

He added that searching and screening of these people was challenge for local administration.

Abid Wazir said that after the lock down administration shifted 23 relatives and neighbors to Abdul Wali Khan University quarantine center.

He added Manga union council is included by 7,500 house and 56,000 individuals.

He stated that later on Manga union council was declared quarantine center and later on the administration started awareness campaign in union council Manga and food supply.

“test of coronavirus of 69 people came positive which had no symptoms of coronavirus”.

Abid Wazir stated that in the current time 174 foreigners is present at Tablighi Markaz quarantine center.

He added that capacity of 100 to 200 patients is available at Mardan Medical Complex (MMC) and 100 to 200 is available at District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ).

He continued that in such situation difficult decisions have to make however we have a month’s stock and we are ready.

He appealed the masses to remain at home and did not violate section 144.

He arched that unfortunately in rural areas the people are making gathering.

He added that it is need of the current situation that the masses should limited to their house because the upcoming 10 to 15 days is important for us in connection of coronavirus.

“District administration has received 10 crores rupees fund from Relief department so far in connection of coronavirus”, he added.