Mudassir Ilyas Khattak
Indian Muslim faces hinduvata or Hindu extreamism,the worst condition are in india between two different religions.One one side RAM and on the other hand Allah both communities thinks that by these extreamist activities our GOD becomes happy but no one knows that what ALLAH and RAM wants.
However in the present time hindu extreamist start exploitation of Muslim but over all the hindu community stand side by side with Muslisms.In addition RSS and BJP are the Hindo nationalist and they are stepping towards Hindu Indian not towards secularism.
Actually we are Pakistani  sufferring with Muslim extreamist and Indian Muslims are contradicts by Hindu extreamist.In Pakistan extreamist screaming ALLAH O AKBAR while in INDIA they kill and torture Muslims shouting JAI SHRI RAM.
Eventually this time Pakistani Muslims having critical views about the hindu who burn mosque and trampling Muslims.Comparatively Muslim extreamist doing same things there is no difference among extreamists.
Its not fight for RAM as well as ALLAH its for personnel problems, Public is victim.