Intro of Afsar Khan who save dog from flood in Swat river

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“I was going to the mosque to pray. There he saw a laborer’s wheelbarrow standing and thinking that he might not be swept away in the river, he thought let’s do it on the side. But when I went to save the wheelbarrow, someone told me that there was a dog on the other side of the river, so my heart and conscience did not allow me to leave the dog to die in the fast water.

This was stated by Afsar Khan of Bahrain in Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

Afsar Khan’s video is going viral on social media in which he is standing near the rubble of a building destroyed by water during high-level floods and high waves on Tuesday and people around him are making noise.
Standing by the rubble, he asks people something. Then they put their hands in the rubble. They snatch a dog by the neck and turn back in the high waves.
When Afsar Khan grabs the dog and heads back, the crowd of hundreds applauds happily and rejoices.

On this video of Afsar Khan, he is being paid homage in a splendid manner from all sides.

Who is Afsar Khan?

When contacts were made in Bahrain to search for Afsar Khan, the search did not take long. They are well known in the area.
According to locals in Bahrain, Afsar Khan is the leader of the Tablighi Jamaat in Bahrain.

He has a small shop in the Bahrain market where he sells vests, hats and children’s garments. His era has nothing to do with politics.People in Bahrain know him as Amir Sahib.

“I don’t want any praise.”

Speaking privately, Afsar Khan said that when I reached the wheelbarrow, I saw that it was tied with a thread. I took a small knife out of my pocket and cut it with tires and two Other persons  picked up the wheelbarrow. On this occasion another man told me that there was a dog trapped there. I asked where he was trapped, he hinted the other side of river.

I took off my shoes and jumped over. While walking in the river, all that was going on in my mind was that saving an animal is only for the pleasure of Allah, not for the sake of any wah wah and praise of anyone.

Then I said, “Lord, I can swim.” Then, as soon as I reached this place, another person called out, “Seize him now.” I felt a little scared that it might bite me, I had no fear of myself, I was more worried about the dog. ‘
Afsar Khan said that his only concern was to save the dog somehow. Then I touched his leg and he didn’t say anything so I grabbed him by the neck and ran across the river. ‘

‘I have seen the second worst flood in my life’

Afsar Khan said the floods on Tuesday were as severe as they were a few years ago (in 2010). Which caused great destruction.
“After the incident, I quietly came to the shop and then to the house, after which many people came to me, showing me videos, some applauding and some saying that I took too much risk,” he said.

I have an old model mobile that I need. Today’s social media does not work on it. But my son has a modern mobile phone on which he watched the river video and also showed it to his mother and sisters.

He continued, “When I went home at night, my wife scolded me for doing this. I was just eating quietly. ‘
“My mother said it was good move to save some one life. The girls also said that why take so much risk?. ”

The locals Version ?

A local Bahraini journalist, Tanveer Ahmed Veer, told that: “Shortly after the place and time they rescued the dog, a mosque and two famous Bahraini restaurants were swept away. Now only the name boards of these restaurants are on the river bank.
Tanveer Ahmed Veer said that when the incident took place, dozens of people were watching the scene.
When Amir Sahib landed in the river, several people were making videos of him. No one understood why they went down into the river. Everyone was watching him in amazement.
Another eyewitness said, “The overflowing Swat River only brings the message of death.” no one can swim in this scattered river Swat.
He further says, “Amir Sahib is a local. They know the devastation of the Swat River. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.