Mudassir Ilyas Khattak
The Democracy is about tolerance allow critical views of someone against us.The developed countries are developed for the reason they permit critical thinking as well as debate.
Moreover the politicians of developed countries are educated and Gone through debate practices on school college university level they have ability to listened others with a sensibility.Comparatively in 3rd world countires public are on reactive mood to any new idea or any theory agianst of their own mindset.
In addition the democratic values teach to be open minded and liberal towards number of views along with accepting them.Political leaders are unaware of these things the personels in government can’t take condemnation likewise putting ban on the opposite public.
As much as countering the views of government or establishment will lead as near to apostate.Collectively the student solidarity march in pakistan,a large number student participate in it,and on the other hand someone start propaganda on social sites and considerd them anti state.
Eventually, their is no practise of elective governments no one allow to debate.The criticism is a serious offense nothing is about to swallow. To encourage students for study circles  togehter with books studies.