International Volunteer Day observed

Jamal Safi

International Volunteer Day was observed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa like other parts of the country with the theme “Together We Can Through Volunteering”.

The observation was aimed at promoting volunteerism and supporting volunteer efforts and recognize volunteer contributions to society.

At various events, held at the provincial capital and other parts of the province, it was asserted that amid the COVID-19 pandemic the volunteers have worked at the forefront of medical, community and societal responses.
It was declared that volunteers stood against and faced the challenges posed by COVID-19 in the last nine months.

At the events, tributes were paid to the volunteers for all kinds of work comprising helping to provide medical care, food and other facilities.

On the occasion, the light was shed on the difficulties and needs of volunteers during the pandemic.

On the day, Alkhidmat Foundation (AKF) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also paid a tribute to its volunteers for their immense efforts during the Corona pandemic and prayed for Alkhidmat volunteers who lost their lives while fighting against COVID-19.

The AKF termed the volunteers as ‘Heroes’ who lost their lives during the pandemic while playing for the cause of saving human lives.
The AKF martyrs included Dr. Abdul Qadir Somro, Uzair Latif, Sadiq Butt, Dr. Haji Riaz, Dr. Syed Nasir, Azam Khan, Muhammad Amin Shad, Chaudhry Muhammad Aslam, Haroon ur Rashid, Dr. Yousaf Tariq, Mahmood Ahmad Madni and Dr. Hafiz Maqsood.

The AKF has devised a task force of volunteers to wisely tackle the situation erected by the Corona pandemic. This task force carried various assigned duties including rushing infected people to isolation centers and hospitals, providing and delivering cooked food to corona patients and health professionals. They also took cooked food and ration to the homes of needy people and handed over food to those who have been hunting for food.

The volunteers of AKF were also carrying out the duties of creating awareness among the general masses on the preventions from corona menace. Also, they provided masks, sanitizers and soaps to the public and performed spraying jobs at mosques, public offices, churches, temples and other places.
These volunteers have also transported the bodies of deceased overseas Pakistani’s to their hometowns and their loved one’s from airports.

Where everyone was in fear of corona these AKF volunteers out to fight the menace and protect human lives. AKF does not understand that volunteerism is merely a word but understanding its service to the broken humanity.

The Alkhidmat Volunteers not only performing volunteer jobs but also strive to promote volunteerism to lead society towards a better future.

Not only in COVID-19, Alkhidmat volunteers, but have also been performing volunteer in times of natural and manmade disasters.
It has a volunteer rescue system and its performance could be recalled in bomb blasts, floods, earthquakes and other majors.
To recognize the efforts of volunteers, the AKF is going to hold Alkhidmat Youth Gathering on December, 12, to pay tribute to AKF volunteers and to invite the youth to join AKF as volunteers.

A rough estimate has revealed that approx. 31617 plus volunteers throughout Pakistan have been carrying the cause of AKF and serving the broken humanity.