International Day of the Disappeared, Pakistan:About 54000 Balochs and many Pashtuns has been missed since 2001

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Today, August 30, is International Day of missing persons.

The day that helpless Baloch and Pashtuns commemorate every year in Pakistan in mourning their lost relatives.

Every year, Baloch women, children and the elderly celebrate this day while holding pictures of their relatives out side the press clubs.

Mama Abdul Qadir Baloch, leader of the Movement for the Release of the Missing Baloch, told Mashal Radio that his son had been abducted by Pakistani intelligence and had been dropped from a helicopter after months of torture.Mr Mama Baloch added that all of his son’s bones were broken.

Another Baloch woman, Sima Baloch, told the media that a Pakistani army soldier raided her house in October 2016, along with her brother Shabir, and arrested 25 other Baloch youths who are still missing.

Sima Baloch added that she had protested several times at press clubs and other places, asking the government to release her brother.
Sima added that she is facing difficult times in her life. She had only one brother, now her brother’s children are homeless. In the absence of his brother, one moment passes like a year.

It is not only Sima Baloch whose brother was forcibly abducted by the Pakistani army but thousands of other Baloch and Pashtun women whose son, husband and brothers were forcibly abducted from their homes by Pakistani and intelligence agencies who are still alive in unknown places

The disappearance of the Baloch has begun since the rule of former military ruler Pervez Musharraf. Mama Abdul Qadir Baloch, the leader of the Movement for the Resurrection of the Missing Baloch, says that since then, there have been 54,000 Baloch who have been missing,”God knows if they dead or survived” he added

Like Mama Qadeer, there are thousands of other people in Pakistan whose relatives have gone missing and years later, their whereabouts are still unknown, but some have been found dead. They cite Pakistan’s intelligence and security agencies as the reason behind the kidnapping, but they deny the allegations.

Jalil Reiki, 32, was abducted from his home in Quetta, Balochistan, on February 13, 2009, and was found dead three years later in the Mand area near the Iranian border.

Alamzeb Khan Maseed, one of the movement’s leading figures on missing persons, has been jailed twice. He said they had collected information 5000 missing persons in the tribal areas but there were thousands more who he said had not yet arrived due to sanctions.

According to Alamzeb, as a result of the Pashtun Salvation Movement’s activities, between 1800 and 2000 people have been released.

Mehdi Hassan, head of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission, said there was a widespread perception that law enforcement agencies were arresting people. continued , according to the law, the arrested person should be brought to justice within 24 hours along with the charges against him.

“If the allegations are such that the law enforcement agencies cannot prove them or they are afraid that the case is weak, then the public detainees will not be brought to justice and will be kept in a place that has been set up for them.” “Then such people will be among the missing.”

Farid Ahmad Khan, secretary of the government’s Commission for the Investigation of Forced Missing Persons in Pakistan, about the allegations against the security agencies, and he said that the people themselves were doing too much.

“Some people go to jihad, some go missing because of family problems, some are kidnapped for money. It’s not as simple a problem as people who have made it a point for someone to disappear from home in the evening and accuse them of Intelligence agencies have picked up, it’s not. “