If Koki Kheil decides, I would be the first one to ride a car towards their own soil:Manzoor Pashteen

The protest of Tirah Kokikhel refugees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Jamrud continues today [August 26].

Pukhtun Nama Report

They demand that the government return them to their villages and homes as soon as possible.

Manzoor Pashtun, the leader of the Pashtun Salvation Movement, said in a speech to the protest rally on August 26 under the auspices of the Khyber Political Alliance that the people of Chaman locals, Afridi and Wazir tribes, have been forced to protest And targeted killings on a its peak Bajaur, Korma and Mohmand But the government was not listening their voices.

He called on the Kokikhel nation to return to Tera if the government did not allow them to return.

“Let the whole Kokikhel nation decide. If you want a meeting, I will invite all the Pashtun people to Khyber and if you want to march toward Tera, I will be the first one to ride a car towards your own soil.”

Pashteen added that they always hold protests and rallies through peaceful and non-violent means and demand their rights through peaceful means. He denied claims by some Pakistani government and security officials that the PTM language was harsh.

Demands Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

Kokikhel, who has been protesting for almost two months, says not only do the refugees have no official status, but the government still does not return them to their villages.

Masood Khan a protestor at Jamrood told that the government had told him “in the year 2018 that your area has been cleared of militants but we have not let it go yet.”

Ghafranullah, a leader of the Khyber Political Alliance, who is present in the area, told that the government has not yet made any contact for the rehabilitation of the victims of Tera Kokikhel. “People have been beaten, our fields have been damaged. We need full help.”

The Khyber Political Alliance says it will continue protesting until its demands are met.

Meanwhile, Senator Taj Mohammad Afridi, chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Border and Tribal Affairs, said in a statement that they would convene a meeting of the committee in Islamabad on August 25. The authorities had called and assured that they would do everything possible to help the Tirah refugees.