‘If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone,’ says mother who lost two sons

Dwindling hopes: after losing two sons, woman now seeks protection of grandson

By Jamal Safi

After losing her two sons, a woman in South Waziristan tribal district now seeks protection of her grandson – Jalan Bibi and her grandson have been protesting for the last three days to seek justice.

The mother of two young brothers, killed by unidentified assailants, has now staged a sit-in protest in front of ScoutsCamp Wana in South Waziristan tribal district, demanding her grandson’s safety.

Jalan Bibi with her grandson staged a sit-in protest in front of ScoutsCamp Wana in South waziristan 


“After killing my sons, cars with tinted windows are now chasing my grandson and I fear he too may be killed,” says JalanBibi, from Matakkhel, a sub-branch of Wazir Zelikhel.

Jalan Bibi’s son Ghulam Hussain, 22, was on his way in the afternoon to Wana Bazaar, the district headquarters of South Waziristan, when he was abducted by unknown individuals.

When the news reached the mother, who was already mourning the death of her first son, she held a press conference with her seven-year-old grandson at the Wana Press Club the next day.

Holding a picture of her son, she appealed to the local administration, police and security personnel and pleaded for her son’s recovery.

However, a few days ago, she was informed that her son’s body had been found in a well in Ghawakhwa Laman, about eight kilometers from Wana Bazaar. According to Ghulam Hussain’smother, she had no enmity with anyone.

Two years ago, another son of Jalan Bibi had been shot dead by unidentified gunmen near Wana Bypass.

Placing a picture of her son on her chest, Jalan Bibi said that she was clasping her hands together for mercy and begging to get her son back alive, but no one listened to her cry.

She further said: “After my son was killed, the vehicles with tinted windows are still chasing me and my little grandson. I am afraid that my little grandson will also be killed.”

“I am a Pashtun mother and appeal to the nation for help raise voice for our protection,” Jalan Bibi added. “Please do something for me!

“We have no enmity with anyone but I have lost my two sons, I don’t want to lose my grandson either,” she said.

Addressing the administration and the nation, she said that if today she is in a state of helplessness, oppression, loneliness and her children have gone out for their grandson, then tomorrow it can happen to anyone.