How much money king Khan earn from Instagram every month?

Like other stars of Bollywood cinema, Shah Rukh Khan is one of the actors who earns millions of rupees on social media in addition to movies

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most famous stars in the world who once appeared as the second richest actor in the world.

He is Not only the King of Bollywood, but Khan is also known around the world as the King of Instagram, with a maximum of 22 million followers, Shah Rukh Khan has been working for his fans on Instagram with a systematic plan.

Shah Rukh Khan official Instagram account 

It is said that Shah Rukh Khan uses his Instagram page only to post online advertisements and earn a lot of money.

According to John Locke, a research journal, if anyone wants to place their ads on Shah Rukh Khan’s Instagram page, they should pay between Rs 80 lakh and 100 lakh per advertisement, which is a very high price for advertisement among all actors.

It should be mentioned that Shah Rukh Khan has been one of the top and best movie stars in Bollywood cinema since three decades.

Shah Rukh Khan’s most famous films (Dil Wala Dolhanya lajainga) Kabe Khushi Kabe Gham, My Name Is Khan, Quch Quch Hotahi, Kal Hona Ho, which has brought him to the pinnacle of fame all over the world.

It is to be mentioned that this is the third year that Shah Rukh Khan has been away from Bollywood cinema since the failure of his last film. Shah Rukh Khan has not done any work in three months.

But it is said that Shah Rukh Khan will play the role of (Patan) in a film this year, in which he will be the lead actor.
The film is being produced by Yash Raj, an Indian company, with Aditya Chopra in charge of the project.

The this upcoming film, Shah Rukh Khan’s opposite actor is Debika Padukone who will play the role of a villain in this film.

It should not be forgotten that Shah Rukh Khan is not only involved in movies but also does some civic work. Besides Shah Rukh Khan’s films, his main occupation is business and trade.

Shah Rukh also has a team in the Indian Premier League (IPL) that has won the trophy once.