How dangerous are eye allergies?

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Some well-known health professionals have warned against eye allergies, which often increase in the spring. Renowned health expert Cesar Hawkeswallo has warned people not to remain silent in the face of these symptoms. He added that there are five types of eye allergy symptoms, including watery eyes, itching, redness and so on.

“Grass and hay pollen, which rises in the spring with adequate humidity and temperature, increases the risk of many allergic diseases, especially allergic conjunctivitis. Allergic factors cause allergies in the conjunctiva layer around the part and the inner part of the palate.

How do we know if our eyes are allergic?

Severe itching

The most common and popular symptom in the eye is, if you have severe itching of the eyes / eyes, go to the nearest health clinic immediately. Most importantly, if you treat these patients as normal and do not treat them, you may lose your eyesight. So it is important to treat it on time.

Tears welled up in eyes

Watery eyes are also one of the most common symptoms of allergic reactions in our eyes. If you are constantly getting water from your eyes, know that your eyes or eyes are allergic. So be sure to visit any health clinic nearby.

What are the solutions?

Keep your eyes closed

Because it is predicted by health professionals that eye allergies occur in the fall, it is very important to keep your eyes closed, ie wear protective glasses.

It is also important to use a hat and mask, especially in the fall and to keep windows and doors closed

The health plan emphasizes that you need to see a doctor to prevent this disease. And go ahead according to their instructions.