Haroon Rashid to sue for slander: Ammar Ali Jan

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In his program on Channel 92 yesterday, Haroon Rashid, a well-known analyst, while commenting on the dismissal of Prof. Pervez Hoodbhai and Dr. Ammar Ali Jan from FC College, defended their dismissal and said that Prof. Hoodbhai was a member of the US Embassy. He described Dr Ammar Ali Jan as an agent of PTM, RAW, CIA and Afghan intelligence agency NDS.

In response, Dr. Ammar Ali Jan released the following statement on his Facebook wall yesterday

Haroon Rashid has claimed that Professor Hoodbhai is an employee of the US Embassy while I work for PTM, CIA and NDS. See Haroon Rasheed’s mental disorder! I have been working for such powerful agencies of the world but still could not save my job in FC College.

One should not take Haroon Rasheed’s words seriously, but the problem is that the same conspiratorial thinking is also found in those circles who have the reins here. According to him, everyone who thinks is a traitor who is playing into the hands of an alleged enemy. The result will be that there will be only dull-minded people left in the country who will always be stubborn in the face of a failed system.

Yesterday, I narrated the difficulties I have encountered in finding a job. Today, Haroon Rasheed sb claims that…

Posted by Ammar Ali Jan on Monday, July 6, 2020

We will take legal action against Haroon Rashid’s slander. The time has come to teach these cowardly ‘analysts’ a lesson so that they can stop ruining the lives of others with the help of future slander and blackmail.