Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, An epitome of bravery!

By Hinna Tahir

Families that are into politics in pakistan are exposed to inevitable jeopardy as they fight for democracy & the Bilours are not different.

Their tale is one of the courage & heroism.
(Ghulam Ahmed Bilour Speech in his earlier days of politics) Click the link below

Once a famous writer tweeted that “every attack and every son that stands over his father’s grave and every father that stands before his son’s body reminds me of what Faiz Ahmed Faiz said, that “Pakistan ‘a congregation of pain”.

This is grimly true that Bilour family suffers in huge. They lost brave sons of their family. They fought to defend our nation. Their efforts in political arena are laudable and the death was the price,they ultimately paid.
Moreover, his message in the clip is very loud. He’s describing Pakhtuns as an unbeatable race that had defeated all forces that had attempted to conquer them. The Pakhtuns were known to be the terrific warriors for whom warfare is a way of life, they’ve always succumbed to superior force & superior tactics.

Today, Pashtuns are faced with the most critical times of their history. It seems that the entire world is against them.However, before exploring the reasons behind this situation let me qoute the words of one great pashto poet Ghani Khan from his book “pukhtoon”.

That “I want to talk about the Pathan. The people I love, which makes my task harder than ever. I want you to love them as I do. But the Pathan is not easy to love. He takes a lot of knowing. His is a most complicated simplicity. I want to bring him down from the peaks of Khyber and the fields of Hashnager face to face with you, in his torn clothes and grass shoes, his eves full of manliness, laughter and the devil, and his head full of a childish and noble pride.The chief camouflage he uses to hide his poverty and want. Yes, I want to bring him to you and make him talk to you of his struggle and his dreams, of love and feuds, his field and his watchtower, his new rifle and his old wife”

Despite of valour oral history Pukhtoons are scattered.They’re not United.They don’t follow their strong ideology, culture, & heritage.
They’re enough myopic in their true agendas. Extremism has deeply striking their nerves. They’re hungry for politics only.They’re using baised intentions for their vested interests.
This is the time for pukhtoons to think, plan and speak up. Martin Luther King Jr. once said that “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”.
Let’s stand united for public cause, for the welfare of own people, for the victimised, tortured & imprisoned one. As power has only one duty – to ensure the social welfare of the people..

Author of this article Hinna Yousafzai Graduated in (major finance) follow her on twitter @HinnaYousafzai and reach hir with Gmail