Gender Transition Petition; A Peshawar court has sought medical information about the girl

The Peshawar High Court has asked health workers to provide medical information to the court on a petition filed by a local girl alleging that she is suffering from gender dysphoria and should be allowed to change her gender.

Jamal safi

The girl’s lawyer, Saifullah Mohib Kakakhel, said the court had asked health workers to provide information on the girl’s gender potential, treatment and risk of surgery within three months.

The court will decide on the matter after receiving the report.

Mr Kakakhel said in the woman’s petition that she ‘felt like a man’, had men’s habits, had been wearing men’s clothes since childhood and had been playing with boys and after consulting doctors. Done, which can lead to gender reassignment through surgery. ‘

He added that doctors had advised that permission for the operation should be obtained from the court.

The petition stated  that she did not live a secure life as a girl and wanted to change her gender.

According to Mohibullah Kakakhel, his client’s condition is called gender dysphoria because he feels that the affected people do not live their lives, but their gender is different and that is why such people face various psychological problems.

He adds that the only solution is gender reassignment.

Mr Kakakhel added that the court had been asked that there was no complicated medical problem in the sex change operation, so not only should the sex change be allowed, but also the sex change law should include a one-year identity card. Changes to official documents may also be allowed.

According to Junaid, the head of the emergency department at Ayub Teaching Hospital in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in medical science, the disease is called gender dysphoria, which people suspect or feel is genuinely anti-gender.

He said very few such people in Pakistan consult a doctor, but in developed countries, transgender surgery is allowed under strict legal conditions.

In some countries, the first treatment for this type of person is psychiatric treatment and it is now known whether such a person is really suffering from the disease or not.