Four patients who had recently arrived from China and Iran were admitted at MMC.

Mohammad Riaz Mayar

MARDAN: Four patients suffering from corona virus in Mardan were admitted at Mardan Medical Complex however there were no arrangements for prevention of coronavirus affected patients and lack of special ward.

Hospital administration vacate rooms from the common patients and admitted the patients, sources said.

Sources added that four patients who had recently arrived from China and Iran were admitted at MMC.

Sources added that the patients were identified as Mohammad Ibrahim resident of Rashaki Nowshera district, Mohammad Tariq who had just return from Iran resident of Sheikh Maltoon Town, Shahab Ahmed student at China resident of Pohan colony, Mohammad Hassan student at China resident of bank road.

Sources added that there were no special ward and no proper arrangements for the coronavirus affected people at MMC.

Sources added that the administration vacate private rooms from normal patients and admitted the patients.

Talking to the News Deputy Director Mardan Medical Complex (MMC) Dr. Javeed Iqbal said that every day several people visited Mardan Medical Complex (MMC) who met the people who came back from China or Iran.

He added that these people were suspicious about the coronavirus.

He added that so far no patient of coronavirus was conform.

He added that on Saturday six people including four women visited Mardan Medical Complex and they were suspicious about coronavirus.

He added that they conducted test of the mentioned people.

He added that four patients has been cleared of suspicion of contracting the virus and discharged from the hospital.

He added that however two patients one returned from China and other from Iran were kept in isolation rooms but it could not be confirmed if they were suffering from coronavirus.

He also informed that isolation rooms were established for the patients and doctors were presented at the hospital to observe over suspicion of coronavirus, but the virus was not confirmed in the patient so far.