Federal Police to use Drone For Monitoring

Aizaz Ahmed

(Islamabad) Federal police have blown up drone cameras in the capital to monitor street criminals and suspects in the city, which has been declared an aerial police patrol.

An Air Patrol Unit has been set up on the orders of Muhammad Amir Zulfiqar Khan under the supervision of DIG Operations Waqar-ud-Din Syed to protect the lives and property of the citizens. Drone cameras are also being used to monitor suspicious people from the air.

In this regard, surveillance of criminals in the streets of Sectors F-11, F-6 and F-10 with the help of drone cameras was demonstrated in the streets with the help of drone cameras. Crime in which wallet and mobile phone snatching incidents are being prevented Drone cameras will be used as a rescue operation. This process of Air Patrol Unit is being appreciated in public circles. All this process is being supervised by Zonal SP.