District Kurram:Land dispute dubbed as sectarian clash on social media

Fighting has been raging for three days between the two tribes in the tribal district of Kurram, with reports of casualties. The fighting has been dubbed a sectarian clash on social media, but locals say it is a battle over property between the tribes.

P.N Report

A local journalist in Kurram said the fighting  takes place in the Pul-e-Bils Khel desert, 25 km southeast of Parachinar, the capital of Kurram.

Mohammad Ali Tori, a journalist from the area, said that two tribes known as Ghundakhel and Para Chamkani are fighting over thousands of acres of land.

He said some people on social media named  the war “Sunni and Shia” conflict but  it was not. And the rivalry use heavy and light weapons against each other.

Tori says there were casualties in the fighting, but local authorities have not yet confirmed any casualties.

Mir Kalam Wazir, a member of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly from North Waziristan, said there had been a lot of land disputes in the tribal areas since the annexation of the former FATA in province.

About a month ago, a land dispute broke out between Bajaur and Mohmand in the Mamdagat area and the two sides prepared for a series of battles, but then a third party spoke, but the dispute has not been resolved yet.

Fahim Marwat, a lawyer, said the tribal areas, which had been rapidly incorporated into the province, had been extended, but there was no record of land.

He says if a land case is brought to justice now, it will no use. The land should be officially cleared and everyone should be shown their share and handed over.

Malik Muthal Khan Orakzai, from Orakzai district, said the issue had been raised in the tribal areas for a long time, but there would be jirgas in the past. For the rest, the administration should sit at the regional level with the jirgas, distribute them properly and find a solution to these issues.

The tribal districts were formed as part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 2018, but locals say no action has been taken in the area other than the inclusion of the former FATA in province, which has made a difference in the region.