district administration de-sealed 29 villages of union council Manga after conducting disinfection spray:Mardan

Riaz Khan

MARDAN: The district administration here on Monday de-sealed 29 villages of union council Manga after conducting disinfection spray while the lockdown of Manga village which was more affected from corona virus will continue.

In this connection a function was held near Manga check post on Mardan-Charssada road. Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Naik Mohammad, Manga quarantine incharge Hazat Ali, Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA), Water and Sanitation Services Company Mardan (WSSCM) and Rescue 1122, official, staff and vehicles participated in the function.

Later on the staff and vehicles started disinfection spray in the de-sealed villages.

while talking to media  Hazrat Ali told that Manga union council is included by 49 villages.

He continued that today the district administration has de-sealed 29 villages of union council after conducting disinfection spray.

He added that different department including Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA), Rescue 1122 and WSSCM has conducting disinfection spry in the streets and roads of these 29 villages.

He told the media that the de-sealed process of the union council Manga will be continued in phase.

He arched that in first phase district administration de-sealed 29 villages. He told the media that 230 test of corona virus was conducted at Manga village in which 67 came positive, 150 results came negative. He added that in the current time 17 people of Manga village is at quarantine while 20 people were shifty to their houses.

He added that the checkpoint established for the lockup on Mardan-Charssada road near ring road will be established near police check post Maanga after the de-sealed of 29 villages.

It may be noted that the whole union council Manga included by 49 villages that was locked down on March 19 after the death of Saadat Khan a resident of Muslimabad village of Managa union council.

On Sunday deputy commissioner Mardan Abid Wazir issued a notification.

It was stated in the notification that the decision to de-seal parts of the union council was taken after a high-level meeting in the wake of improved situation in Manga.

It may be noted that Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, District Police Officer did not participate the function held in connection of de-sealing the 29 villages.

Talking to the media a villager said that there was no positive result of any person in these villages but despite of it the district administration sealed the villages.

He stated that if the district administration sealed the Muslimabad village in Manga which was affected form corona virus it will better for other villages located in Manga village.

He said that the other villages suffer due to Manga village.

He added that residents of these villages were not able to go out for jobs and buy food for their families.

He added that 18 days lockdown without any positive patients raise question on the steps of the district administration.

He complaint that the district administration and provincial government did not provide them any relief and food package in the 18 days lockdown.

However he added that some welfare organizations provided them food which was not enough for them.