Mudassir Ilyas Khattak
Allah awarded Prophet Muhammad (SAW) with Islam,as well as instruct him that gathered public,preach them about following the orders of Allah under the supervision of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).Muslim should practice their lives under the umbrella of islam.
What was the teachings of the Prophet? Is any one knows,the answere is most of personnel is unaware.The last messenger efforts is for building society,and to worship only Allah not the idols. The Kabba was the temple then Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) started preaching a new religion called Islam its mean religion of Peace.
However as the time Passes number of people accept Islam,along with thier arab culture and traditions.In Asia when Islam spread due to misunderstanding asian mix it with the culture.
Inaddition Islam have no problem with the dress code,along with life style.Our dress code and life style is disguished of Arab. keeping beard,long shirts,coveres head is part of culture.While in Our pakhton culture everything is opposite as the time passes most of things are mixed.Eventually,Any single thing if not found in Arab culture it Haram for us.