China has been using the corona vaccine since July: Reports Revealed

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The world is currently in the final stages of testing seven corona vaccines, four of which are Chinese.

China has been providing its staff with an experimental vaccine against the corona virus since July. This has been revealed by the top officials of the Chinese Ministry of Health.

Zheng Zhongwei, director of China’s National Health Commission, said medical personnel and border inspection staff were key personnel who had been given the experimental vaccine.

He told state-run CCTV that since the government launched the “experimental use” of the vaccine on July 22, it has been “in accordance with the law” to vaccinate at-risk staff.

“Most of the patients in China are coming from abroad, so border guards are in the high-risk group,” he said, adding that the next step in the vaccination program would be in the transport sector and weight markets (live animals). Of the staff working in the markets.

The government could also expand the program to control the epidemic in the fall and winter, officials said. According to the South China Morning Post, Zheng did not say which experimental vaccine was used.

There are currently seven vaccines in the world undergoing Phase 3, four of which have been developed by China. Two of the vaccines are from China National Biotech Group, a subsidiary of China National Pharmaceutical Group, China’s state-owned pharmaceutical company.

State media also reported that in June, government employees were allowed to use one of the two experimental vaccines while traveling abroad.

CNBG Phase 3 trials are being held in Argentina, Peru, Marakish, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.
Cyno Week vaccine is being tested in Indonesia and Brazil in Phase 3 of Corona Week, while trials of the experimental vaccine will follow in Bangladesh.Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Russia have agreed to conduct CaneSino vaccine trials, with final-stage trials in Mexico.
However, not every country is satisfied with the Chinese vaccine program

Papua New Guinea recently learned that some employees of a Chinese mining company had been given an experimental coronavirus vaccine, so they sent back a flight of 180 people.